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2012-04 - prezent  (4 ani si 6 luni)
Senior Software Engineer - IT / Telecom @ TEAMNET INTERNATIONAL SA
Developing and integrating applications to the cloud solution offered by the company(YMENS) to our clients. The platform provides solutions for organization of resources and employees for medium and small companies activating in any field of industry.
Since I joined the company I have improved the platform stability, performance and I have established some base practice rules for our team of developers.

Other projects I have participated in:
 Application for Romania local elections(AEP) for which I was involved as application architect and developer; The project was a client server windows based applcation and was developed in less than one month.
 RNPPR- National Registry for health insurance company developed for tracking and monitorin pacients with rheumatoid arthritis. This project is an online platform build using MVC and Jquery.
Technologies and methodologies used: Agile/Scrum, C#, ASP.NET MVC 3, Javascript, Jquery, WinForms, MS SQLServer 2008, Test-Driven Development
2010-03 - 2012-04  (2 ani si 1 luni)
Senior Software Engineer - IT / Telecom @ Crystal 5D Technologies
Working on company main software product 5D Vision Suite. The software is specialized for enabling digital reality in the microelectronics industry.
I have participated in every stage of redesigning the application. After implementing the solution based on our new design the application occupied three times less memory while running and the frame rate was significantly higher. We take full advantage of multithreading and design patters to minimize the impact on the program required resources.
We improved the application client server design allowing for more the 100 people to work simultaneously on the same 3D project.
The most intriguing and satisfactory functionality that I have worked on was the undo-redo engine which from my point of view was a real masterpiece.

Technologies used: Agile/Scrum, C#, WinForms, .Net Framework 2.0, Design Patterns
2008-04 - 2010-01  (un an si 9 luni)
Automation & Reporting Software Developer - IT / Telecom @ Electronic Arts
Development of internal and automated tools (system and reports) aiming to support and improve the Quality Assurance management process. The automated reporting tools were delivered to our internal customer, the QA organization within EA group.
I have worked on developing a large online reporting applications based on QA databases and data gathered from running automation script on games. Based on the live data, the applications show team statistics, heat maps and predictions on testing evolution. The solution was developed using C#, .NET 2.0, ASP.NET, AJAX and MS SQL Server.
I have created a WinForm application that monitors job-queues, server performance and availability, collects and analyze critical metrics for each system and/or application. Based on information collected it can take corrective actions to automatically resolve the issues. The application was developed using C#, .NET 2.0 and was running on company’s build transfer servers.

Technologies used: C#, ASP.NET, AJAX, WinForms, WebServices, SQL Server 2005, SQL Reporting Services
2006-12 - 2008-04  (un an si 4 luni)
Software Developer - IT / Telecom @ Interactive Entertainment
The company bought an online ticketing platform and I was in charge to port the applications and to develop and improve the functionalities.
I was solely responsible with the online ticketing web site, the outlet application and the administration of the SQL Server database. One of the big challenges was to make sure that both the web site application(ASP.NET) and the outlet application (ASP) were running in unison. This involved synchronizing the two applications and moving part of the application intelligence on SQL Server level.
I have also improved the overall architecture, database indexes and structure as well as implementing new feature to the platform. Some of this features were live scanning barcodes at the event location, colaborating with Orange and Vodafone for a WAP online sale solution.
I was also heavily involved in meetings with the event promoters to find the best solutions for their requests and issuing financial reports for fiscal authorities.
Technologies used: C#, ASP.NET, ASP, SQL Server 2005, WebServices, AJAX, Javascript, MSSQL Reporting Services
2006-06 - 2006-12  (6 luni)
Software Developer - IT / Telecom @ AT&V Software
Development and testing web and phone based applications for drug testing for US market.
I have quicly become an important part in the company development division. I have learned very fast the development platform and I successfully completed 3 projects by myself.
Main responsibilities:
 Communicate with US project managers to receive instructions and deliver finished work
 Consult with US project managers to provide input on production time lines

Technologies used: C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2005, Web Services, LLBLGen, Pronexus
2005-01 - 2006-06  (un an si 5 luni)
Software Developer/Tester - IT / Telecom @ InfoWorld
InfoWorld is a supplier for informatics solutions designed for the medical system.
The project I worked on at InfoWorld was developed for National Health Insurance House. I started as a tester for 4 modules shortly after, because of good scoring at company internal tests, I was promoted to junior developer.
My tasks as a tester were to make sure the application is respecting the Romania(continuously changing) regulations in the healthcare services. Creating test scenarios, write documentation were other responsibilities as a tester.
As a software developer I started implementing the reporting module for the application and I had 2 other modules to take care of. It was a WinForm project using C#, .NET 1.1 with middle tier written in C++ and with a MS SQL Server database. I started working as a software tester and thanks to good results taken during assessment I was promoted to developer.

Technologies used: C#, SQL Server 2000/2005, WinForms, Crystal Reports, C++ middle tier
2001 -  2006  (5 ani)
Automatics and Computer Science Faculty - Informatica @ Facultate (terminat)
Specialization Computer Science
1997 -  2001  (4 ani)
Vlaicu Voda National College - @ Facultate (terminat)
special Informatics class.
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