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The job done by the call center agent includes answering of both inbound and outbound calls. A call center agent must be proactive in responding and handling different queries of the customers. Within the working hours, a call center agent must be available to respond to the customers calls. He or she must be fully aware of the company’s policies and procedures.

Job duties


The job duties of a call center agent include the following:

•Attending phone calls of the customers

•Utilize various skip tracing techniques (often designed by employee) to locate right parties

•File handling, scanning and archiving files

•Sorting clients’ requests and dispatching them to the right case managers

•Keeping the database updated, by including the new information obtained from the customers

•Should be able to maintain the balance between the customers’ requirements and business

•Able to handle calls in a pressure environment

•Be able to maintain confidentiality of the valuable information

•Should be capable of handling issues and complaints with providing solutions to the customers

•Possesses good efficiency in the transaction processing

•able to handle cases temporary


Job Qualifications and Skills

• Having excellent communication skills.

• Being confident.

• Having a clear telephone voice.

• Being able to work independently.

• Having a desire to help others.

• Being flexible and adaptable.

• Having teamwork skills.

• Having foreign language skills – English is mandatory, Hungarian is a plus

•Collection experience is a plus

• Being able to deal with all types of people.

• Having IT skills.

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