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(Iași, Județul Iași, România, 40 ani, Masculin)
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java team leader - software architect - java tech lead - java ee architect - project manager / java architect 

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2014-10 - prezent  (2 ani)
Java Tech Lead - IT / Telecom @ PENTALOG ROMANIA SRL, Iași, Județul Iași, România
1) Designed & developed applications for Orange Romania - SpringFramework, JPA, REST, Angular.JS, Oracle.

2) Leading a small team (4 developers) - e-commerce Java applications.
2013-05 - 2014-02  (9 luni)
Project manager / Java architect - IT / Telecom @ PENTALOG ROMANIA SRL, Iasi
Social software, Scrum, Kanban, JAX-RS, Spring, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, AWS (S3, SNS, EC2, Transcoder), Jetty, Java 2D, MySQL, Jira

- architecture / design / development
- task monitorization / review
- ensuring communication with the client
- managing a small team of 3 devs + 1 tester (performance review, bonus management)
2011-03 - 2013-05  (2 ani si 2 luni)
Java EE Architect - IT / Telecom @ PENTALOG ROMANIA SRL
- prototyping / design (JEE / SpringFramework)
- pre-sales activities (estimations, architecture / design)
- ensuring communication with clients during pre-sales activities
- performing technical audits on Java / JEE projects (architecture, performance, code quality)
- JEE applications optimization
- recruiting new interns
- Java technical interviewer
- organizing & running Java technical trainings (Java / JEE, SpringFramework, Design Patterns, ORMs, SOA)
- exploring new frameworks and JEE solutions
- representing the company for technical events (Cluj-Napoca - Romania; Chisinau - R.Moldova)
- the complete JEE stack technologies (JEE6, JEE5, J2EE 1.4)
- the main Spring frameworks / the "classical" J2EE frameworks (Struts1 / Struts2, Hibernate)
- Talend ESB, Apache Camel (EIP patterns), OSGi(Apache Felix, Eclipse Equinox, Apache Karaf)
- JBoss, Glassfish, Tomcat, WebSphere
2009-10 - 2011-03  (un an si 5 luni)
Software Architect - IT / Telecom @ ENDAVA ROMANIA SRL
Also, he is a technical evaluator on Java / JEE technologies.

Other occupied positions at Endava (in past):

Java Development Lead / Consultant (2009-10 - 2010/12)


- leading teams developing financial projects for UK banks, insurance companies, card payments
- 6 months in UK, interacting directly with the client
- SpringSource frameworks, JSF, JPA, Web Services, WebSphere, Apache Tomcat, Apache ActiveMQ, Oracle database server, Maven
- technical evaluator on Java / JEE technologies
2008-03 - 2009-10  (un an si 7 luni)
Java Technical Leader / Senior Software Developer - IT / Telecom @ Ericsson Romania, Bucuresti
He is the technical leader for the new SelfCare portal of "Hutchison 3G" (three.co.uk). This company offers 3G services in UK for mobiles phones and mobile internet. The application offers to customers the possibility (by phone or by computer) to interact with the system, without calling to a call centre. He mentorships the rest of the team (other 13 developers) and reports directly to the Software Development Manager.

Before the project’s start, he designed and developed a prototype that was used by Ericsson to win the action organized by "Hutchison 3G" for its new SelfCare solution. He went in UK many times to interact with "Hutchison 3G" business annalists; he participated to estimation of required migration tasks; he organized interviews for new team members (java developers). He defined the architectural layers of the new application.

The solution is J2EE centric and used technologies are: JSR 168 portlets, Spring, WebWork, Hibernate, JSP, JBossPortal / WebLogicPortal, WSRP, Web Services, Maven, Groovy, JUnit, Selenium.
2007-03 - 2008-03  (un an)
Java Technical Leader - IT / Telecom @ SC Wylog SRL, Iasi
Wylog is a French outsourcing company offering services for French software market.

1) Project "OST” – www.procapital.fr - technical leader for a team of 5 persons - Java Enterprise application offering access to stock market, allowing operations on bonds. Used technologies: Spring MVC/JSP, Spring IoC, Spring DAO-JDBC, MySQL, Oracle, Maven, Eclipse, Spring IDE.

2) Project "NordNet Web Services" – www.nordnet.com - technical leader for a team of 2 persons - developing & testing Web Services for a NordNet - Internet & cable French provider. Used technologies: Apache Axis, Spring 2, Hibernate 3, MySQL 5, Eclipse, JUnit, UML.
2006-05 - 2007-02  (9 luni)
Senior Java Developer / Component Leader - IT / Telecom @ The Red Point SA, Iasi
He is member of a Java team developing functional modules for SIUI - an ERP for CNAS (the National House of Health Insurances). He is Component Leader over a module named "Medical Devices" - analysis, development, test plans, instalment on CNAS's computers, supervising 2 Java juniors. In may times, he went on client's office to discuss and clarify specifications problems.

Used technologies are: EJB 2.1, Struts, SOAP, AndroMDA, Oracle/PLSQL, MagicDraw.
2005-01 - 2006-02  (un an si 1 luni)
Senior Java Developer - IT / Telecom @ SC Ditech SRL
SC Ditech SRL offers ERP solutions for Italian distribution markets. This company is the local office of an Italian IT company: DiTech Italia.

He is leader of a team that develops the server-side of a project called WebContratti, using J2EE technologies (EJB). The communication with the .NET rich-client is made via WebServices/SOAP (developed by another team).

This software is designed for distribution markets. It manages contracts between suppliers and stores that sell their space to suppliers (for their goods, in order to be sold).

The team involves 6 persons (3 Seniors and 3 Juniors). The project is developed using J2EE technologies: WebServices, EJB 2.1, JDBC/Hibernate 2.1. There are used Eclipse, JBoss4, Oracle 10g, JUnit and ANT scripts.

He had direct contact with the customer and sometimes he was away in Italy for project specs.
2000-08 - 2004-12  (4 ani si 4 luni)
Java Developer - IT / Telecom @ SC ITechnologies SRL, Iasi
SC ITechnologies SRL is the local office of an Italian IT company called CPSoftware.

Responsibilities, Achievements
1. WebFashion Project - an ERP application for textiles fields companies; it was developed 100% in Java and it has a 3-tier architecture : the presentation tier is developed in SWING; the business tier is developed with Java Servlets (on Tomcat4). These 2 layers communicate through XML via HTTPS. The integration tier is written using DAO/JDBC and MS SQL Server. This application was developed for CP Software, Italy (www.cpsoftware.it).

His jobs inside of this project was to implement parts of the project. This project involved 3 programmers and was developed in 3 years. All this time, he was part of this team.

2. Various updates in Visual Basic for Business - ERP used in Italy, produced by NTS Informatica (www.ntsinformatica.it)
1999-04 - 2000-08  (un an si 4 luni)
C/C++ Developer - IT / Telecom @ SC Professional Systems SRL, Iasi
SC Professional Systems SRL is the local office of an German company called "Professional System" that produces business software for print and media.

Responsibilities, Achievements
He developed libraries in C++/UNIX for company's ERP product.
1998-03 - 1999-03  (un an)
Web Developer - IT / Telecom @ SC Easeweb SRL, Iasi
EaseWeb SRL is the local office of an US company targeted on web development.

Responsibilities, Achievements
Various web applications in ASP/Access/MS SQL Server (e-commerce, databases)
2012 -  2016  (4 ani)
Professional certifications - @ Certificari / Premii, Iași, Județul Iași, România
Oracle Certified Master, Java EE Enterprise Architect
Certified Scrum Master - Scrum Alliance
1994 -  1998  (4 ani)
"Al.I.Cuza" University - Computer Science Faculty - Informatica @ Facultate (terminat)
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